Friday, August 7, 2009


it's year 2009, 4 months to year 2010 and it's been so many months I didn't write anything so this is for updates.

1. I'm finishing the last of my 2nd year 2moro by settlng a stupid SEA exam.

2. hopefulyl passed all subjects without OTP.

3. Going to conduct more sell study and plan for a psossible future in new zealand

so that's the updates just to save myself trouble of writing long essay. I was previously visiting New Zealand for my 3rd time and feel that i shoud go there again someday. Also make a trip to Tokyo.

plsn to sit for JLPT 3 this year and continue nihon go studies, work a better demoreel and concept. end of this update until I can type more, just to lazy to do that now

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