Friday, September 4, 2009


 Class is starting next week on wednesday, I think I have time to warm up my animation skill again and prepare stuff for compositing class. At the moment, I am re doing my concept art, I feel that all the creations need alot of work, maybe too much work le.

also recentlygo into contact with one of Poly assests people from Tokyo, I was on the verge of excitement, had a conversation with him, his name is Atsushi Taniguchi, nice fellow. quite alot fo famous names work at Poly assests. makes me feel so small.

anyway, there's something I decided to do, for a change I think of posting up any artwork I created and work on in my blog also, I have no reason, but for 1 reason, all the more i want to teach myself something and go furtherm I want to be unique. other than that I have nothing to update XDXDXD

for now I will rework my current concept and post it up soon.


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