Sunday, February 7, 2010


hello, so it' already the new week, bloody hell! and cny is just this coming saturday, sigh anyway, what do I have to type about this week? it's simple, I was invited to rachel's church and karen's b'day, pretty awesome actually, been awhile or amybe sometime or maybe none at all toa ESPECially dg students have any outing like dis.

we meet with darren's sister and other former IL graduates, celebrated Karen's b'day and haha Karen's has darren's sense of humour XD. So we were at Pa Pa John's celebrating it and I decided to take out my phone and snap this photos to be put up in my blog, since I never relly update it at all, and showing how empty my life is haha.

from left, Rachel, er forgot her name and Karen

rachel, forgot her name O.O and Karen(the slighty cut of frame is Johnny Tai)

so what else is new? other than another new week, work to finish and datelines sigh, will need to plan well for my trip.


DG081-1 said...

it's ANETTE!! not KAREN!

cytham said...

rachel! if that's you how nice of you to pay visit to my blog XD