Sunday, March 28, 2010


it's 4:16 am morning and I have insomnia, wahahahah, so here's something, mom hasn't booked her ticket to go new zealand yet because now KLIA got so many full flight O.O, I got a storyboard to help my team work on 4 final project, feel excited yet abit dulan about it.

my supposed to be date for neon night is talking to me again, well I'm happy about that keep it that way. have to wait for telekom to come by 2moro and fix the stupid phone line, I plan to go lab after that to do my storyboard then have them email over to my team mates for comments before I continue anything else.

so I heard that clash of titans is coming out but I bet they're busy translating the movie now for m'sia, hm.... I will probably go ask her out again as a date, hopefully she is free after vst final. and hopefully I can relax a little after that.

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