Sunday, April 18, 2010


it's 5 40 pm and I'm trying to refine my shitty looking free style runing animation for final submission 2moro, on the other hand, stupid mother nature decide to tell her clouds to let it rain o___0, shud I even be complaining? it was hot like hell past few weeks!

anyway this sem is coming to finish and I still got final presentation 4 group final project next week, so before all this is over, I just wanna say few things, I'm am relly going to find her next week and propose to her whether I face rejection, I have no regrets, I will going to settle the character and environment concept art entrusted to me by jia yung and sheena, I wont give up on them or any of my friends, I want to be a better son, brother and friend.

I hope this week the weather will cool down even if so shitty hot like hell. and lastly I want to thank julian for attending our presentation for final project development and giving us relly helpfull feedback plus all our other classmates.

lastly I will for once upload a speed paint that I did with toa friends and julian, in here I supposed tp put up many months ago but not yet settle so above is my ugly painting XD, titled lord of the rings fan art XD

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