Thursday, April 1, 2010


yesterday was the start of April fool's day and I'm guessing that people always pull jokes on each other, but yesterday rachel had brought up something that surprised and annoyed both of us on johnny's april fool's joke, for awhile we almost fell for it until we found out it was from his friend(who posed the sms as johnny's sister and said he got into a car accident). Gee, some jokes are not funny wei, not to say we cannot pull something on april fool's but seriously, some stunts should not be that far that you simply annoyed yr friends and family.
I've been staying behind to work this whole week without much rest in the labs, since out final presentation is jsut few weeks away, jia yung and sheena wants to make an animatic so we're probably goig to do 1 2day.
rachel will be busy during VST final, she will need all the help she can get if I can be there to help her, this saturday our final project group plans to go for archery because we never relly go much for outing being dg students. And I find it relly awesome to chill out on weekends XD followed by paying darren a visit this saturday since last week I had to submit work to aik sern to make up for my ffk.
had dinner with rachel just yesterday, can say it's out 1st dinner, she says after like 3 weeks of not seeing me, hasn't she seen me come to the lab every week? haha , anyway it's 6 52 am and I have no idea why I'm in such a good mood in the morning, I'm usually still half asleep at this very odd hour talk about weird XP
I need to focus on character animation final this week because it will feel fun to me and I will probably go do some free running on a sunday around SS15 to get the feel for each stunt, as for yesterday I felt that I did something for her which meant alot to her for the bussiness & client management subject, I hope that when she's finished the sem I can stop being such a wuss and tell her everything and how I feel about her, this will probably also mean being ready that she says no to me and that we will still be friends.
wow, why am I so serious?? damn haha and I was always saying "Chill out!" hahah okeilah till next week.

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