Thursday, April 22, 2010


it's 6:19 am in the morning, I still have insomnia, but I bet it wil die soon, okei how to say this, almost every batch is on sem break except for mine, a final presentation this week or next week hell I give it everything I got as usual.

but that is not the main reason I'mn writing this late and tired, I decided, I'm not going to coward away anymore, this week means this week, on either saturday or sunday, I'm going to get rachel out on a date with me, and I'm going to tell her how I felt about her all this while, I been holding on the fact that I liked her and how happy I felt being with her but never had the courage to tell her how I feel.
this week is the week, it will be relly important because of my feelings and my the attachment I felt with her. I don't know if she will feel the same way but I don't want to regret this, any of this
now I need some rest

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