Monday, May 3, 2010


next and final term is starting on 10th may and I'm find myself awake at night doing works for final. so here' s a new list.
i'm expecting 2 things to hapenduring next term, the graduaton campaign to my kicking my ass damn hard that I will be busy, after I seen dg 75's phenomena 75 I think I will know my role during our campaigning, I would be a cameraman with a d slr and a 3 CCD camera. our group for final project will be partnered with anothergroup because we're way to small to even help ourselves, I plan to check with aaron bryan chin who's my good mate from G2.
I thinking of compiling all my artwork, and watever animation I have to polish to be sent over to lifeway college in very near end of this year. i'm feel that I'm about to threw something out the window that I relly treasure alot, but since it's my last term before I finish I might as well make the last good use of it here, I'll be able to do something that means something that is valueable. in hopes that others can do the same, other than what I have done recently like what bram has done before and experienced but I still will come out doing good for something.
on wednesday I will joining darren and some friends for iron man 2, before the term starts I just wanna pick to enjoy these wonderfull moments with some friends that I won't forget that are still here if we're still close to each other, these moments we don't want to regret and forget in life.

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