Wednesday, May 5, 2010


the night we all were at "the Curve", guess who's back it is XD

these lights looked sogood atnight I just had to take them

darren enjoying his iron man drink XD

me and the girls, I can consider this as cam whoring for the 1st time XD

okei maybe it's not cam whoring but it's a group photo! XD

wow, this is one of my favourite pictures taken during that day, treasure the value of friendship of 2 best friends I know in the one academy, keep treasuring it! I luv you both ! XD

lol fei yan just had to visually squeeze that poor kitten waxed hair lol

it's 5 53 am in the morning and I so awake now, thanks to getting enough rest yesterday night , its abotu 4 more daysbefore my last term at the one starts where I probably will less be blogging. but I care to share what relly been going on in my life

after so many months of not going 2 the cinema this time I went again but in cineleisure instead to watch ironman 2 with some toa friends and my close friend and lecturer, darren. I got alot of previews from friends that iron man 2 wasn't up to expectation but what can I say, the film was amusing, if it weren't for the jokes they had in there and at the right timing I would have pobbaly fallen aslep in the cinema, from what I see, they did very simple cg work and didn't relyl try to push visual technology so much, they did just right, I felt that the story was still trying to maintain itself, and shared some similar moral value like spiderman "After all you done for them all, they will eventually come to hate you" but instead, tony stark made himself look hated.

the girls(wai kwan and fei yan) tagged along for the movie and I felt pictures relly had to be taken before I finish my final term as my long lasting memory with them all. so relly, thank you to darren, fei yan, wai kwan, and other toa friends and church members that make yesterday a great memory! XD.

I'm also going to post up some photos of yesterday in here so, I also apologise for the poor picture since it's taken with a very old digital camera since 2006, yeah I know very damn 0ld right?

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