Monday, May 17, 2010


4:10 am in the morning, and I'm modeling the main character for Rasierblair final project XD, since I'm having this blog I might as well post something up about it.

the story is simple, the main character's name is andrea wan xiu ling, she's an art student in malaysia and she draw a koi fish as one of her homework, but falls asleep halfway, she wakes up later in her own dreamworld and meets her younger playfull self who is another character called inner child, both wonder about the dreamland and enjoy themselves, as both are resting in her dream, she draws objects in empty space in stars of a koi fish and recalls her memory, as she does this, the inner child interrrupts and tries to distract andrea from herself, the koi fish that is part of her consiounce appears and catches andreas attention to bring her back to her world, conflict happens between inner child and koi fish causing andrea to be confused, inner child tires to make andrea stay in the dream world by summoning elements that andrea dreams of, but the koi fish that cannot talk but communicates with andrea using bubbles telling her that in life, even if we can have fun, we cannot simply ignore our responsiblity in our job, we have to finish what we started. as that happens andrea understand this reason and decides to hug inner child talks to her, as this happens the dreamworld shakes with tremour as we will know that andrea is returning to her world.

wow long story summary I wrote !

anyway, some concept art to support the characters that I'm now putting up, the character all the way above is called inner child, the playfull side of andrea wan, character was designed by my classmate and group member Hui Jia Yung, color test by me.
I will upload the final concept art for the main character soon

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