Wednesday, May 26, 2010


it's 3 43 am and it's another quiet night at home, mom is still at penang and I'm in the middle of my anim project, now I just want to ask myself something here before I come across another crossroad.
I remember the day i entered toa and now, who I was before and now, what I am now and kind of person I will be 10 years again down the years. will I still be that same person? or life changes me again, I can make this simple.
when I left big red creative, It was a right choice to make when I entered toa I was thinking it wasn't the right decision but damn it wasn't the wrong decision, now I'm at another junction where I will be making my next decision. seems typical to me but now I'm thinking ahead again and I jsut want to say these.
I met some ppl who became good friends and teachers to me even if they were younger, and those old friends of mine, you suddenly forgotten what friendship means to you and decided to throw away the value of friendship in yr life, normally I would trash you for doing such things but I reconsider my actions as not so mature and someday you will be that person lying at that corner at the most lonely part of the world forgetting what your friends really mean to you.
I jsut came back from hell or a ditch which ppl consider typical, but after that I realised I did some optimistic stuff hoping to change and not to be worse, what I really would want is that if I change, it's in a good way and that I still am able to help a friend in desperate times.
hooi ling who I look forward to calling mommy in the lab really makes an awesome head of the department, I relly think I shud ask her about helping me get a spot in ubisoft in the future as career, okeilah, my understanding of the animation principles are not great or godlike but, I need to believe now I can do it.
before I was a very young and ambitious but stubborn jerk who knew nothing about life and never value much of his family and friends, who only stayed focus in his career and could not even be recognized by his friends anymore. I think i'm been given only 1 chance to change in life and this is that chance or I would never learn anything, I don't think life will ever lead me to 2nd chances, grab it or miss it
several times I noticed that I cross paths with certain people that jsut happens in life, I never noticed it till abit later, life tries to tell me something but not directly and I realise that later I'mve been given a choice, if I can understand the message take it or leave it be, never wait.
now I just wonder, what's the next cross road? when is the next life changing moment? and who do I cross paths with in the next few years? and what kind of ditch am I going to get out of ? hahaha
if there's 1 thing I'm certain about, I'm leaving m'sia soon and I'm not returning unless I have a reason

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