Saturday, May 29, 2010


it's 2 17 am and I'm lbogging like mad these few days, neway, I'm on breaking point here in my life on something, I realised that I found a way to distract myself by looking at my connection with other ppl some 4 years back, people whom I lost contact with but amazingly they still remember me, wow, still friends huh?
I got several meet ups to make for the next 2 weeks despite my work schedule, time for major chnage in my life again. got a feeling after this few months, it's all going to change forever and that I will understand more about friendship than before, is this what life is trying to show me since my down moments?
that even from that long years of little talk and connection that our small bonds or forgotten bonds we still can remember each other? I'm amazed alot about the meaning of friendship even if sometimes I think I can undertand abit about it.
anway in couple hours time I will begin work on the main character and finish everything by late night sunday then press on to more urgent matters, I was also reading on ubisoft lately, and been thinking about how about my future career after this.

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