Tuesday, May 18, 2010


it's 12 39 am and here I am uploading the animatics for our animation project, to give everyone the idea and rough visual of the story. till then I will find try and find time to upload concept artwork for the animation : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay3_7qYeI64

well, this is also the final term for me, and the rest of dg 78, there's one thing I want to say too, i was in toa for 2 years in the one in digital animation and I'm glad I did, training as an art student again and learning and exploring animation along the way. time has past and I'm ending my research studies soon which was expected, one thing I didn't expect to happen in the one was to find romance and confess my feelings with someone close to me who probably will never speak and want to meet me again.

right now I just want to say I'm recalling my last memories of the one before thinking I will complete the animation and disscuss with hooi ling about my further studies and my future career in ubisoft. Most of all, life has changed my mindset again, I will I probably grown more into an artist again than before, life is the reason why I choose to study art, life is why I'm changing, life is why i'm like this, life is why I'm learning and suffering and enduring, being myself and being her friend and knowing her is why I choose to tell her I like her.

end of blog for tonight

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