Monday, June 14, 2010


9 55 pm and I'm writing out some stuff that happens 2day.
1. graduation campaign, newspaper recycling and 2nd hand stuff for garage sale.
2. some kids came over to visit toa to knwo what their future is like being an artist hahah have fun exploring.
3. out of no reason, I was selected for the viral campaign as either volunteer or cameraman, I can't remember but screw it, it only matters when they come look for me.
4. finalyl met kfc after years of talking to him online he shares he experience in games development industyr with us and he seems really enthusiastic about his learning and teaching career, he sharing is really informative and he knows his job well being the lead artist at codemasters.
5. I'm aiing for a career at Ubisoft somewhere in singapore, i think it will be interesting because rather than working in m'sia because I spent the last few years here in advertising doing above the line work, those shits heads paid me lower than expected and I really had to work like a dog nearly 24/7 without a personal life, not even time ot cut my fucking hair!
but I need to understand the datelines for gaming development is even more tight and expectation is higher than normal, so I'm thinking preparing some more self practise in character animation with norman and work on my painting skills.
6. I'm looking at a future now, getting myself a gf that will accept me for who I am and not what I have.

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