Tuesday, June 15, 2010


just yesterday around 2 30 pm, Mundeeb Singh from R & H sdn bhd malaysia came over to toa to pay a visit, acutally mroe like special invitation from hooi Ling, lol I saw the looks on their faces when I left the incubation center, they really looked lie they weren't interest in visiting the labs but did it out of courtesy for hooi ling.
they shwed us work from the golden compass and the hulk, a majority of their work is in demoreel and shot breakdowns, I just wonder, it's seriously a hollywood studio working on effects for films all the way, nothing relevant to cg character animation, but their works is seriously better compared to most character animation I have seen on cg films, I will upload some photos of mundeeb singh soon into my blog.
it was lydia's birthday yesterdayand I was told pixar is going to be here on thursday, I will be attending anyway because I'm interested in conceptual side and character animation for cg films.
I surprisingly learned I was selected along with kwan yew and gerad for viral campaigning as a cameramen and also learned that photography department tried to interrupt the campaign by re using their own ppl, I jsut wanan say something, pls allow others to volunteer their skills and time if they are allowed time because the have a right to do their part and pass graduation campaign alright? you're not superman and you're definitely not in charge of everything most of all, you don't hold the main authority in the comittee.
anywa ow it's 5 06 am and soon I need to start working on my final project, I plan to return to toa around afternoon to finih up the show for inner child before I post up any wip of how they look, blog out

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