Wednesday, June 16, 2010


it's 1 07 am in the morning and here I am again blogging

the purpose behind this blogging is because I seen some cg animation online by my senior tat wong who recently published a game cinematic of assasins creed brotherhood done by Ubisoft, which I plan to work in the future.

the opening of the game cinematic starts as usual with the camera overlooking the entire city just like the 1st assasins creed, but this time, the assasination attempt is joint by quick kills and an entire brotherhood that joins in for final kills. pretty awesome concept.

anyway this is the link to the cinematic, it's really awesome

also as I said earlier I would upload wip of my final project with my group in my blog to show wats going in my final semester, yes I would, so far I can show the modeling for the main characters because I'm the official modeller and rigger for both the characters.

wip of the body

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