Sunday, June 27, 2010

a sunday night

it's about going to be 12 and here I am sitting my ass off and doing my final project in starbucks outside when I can actually be sitting inside enjoying the nice cozy aircone in there @#$!!! but thanks to the ppl who booked the inside 1st I have to end up outside in the hot air and listening to crazy ppl around me screaming GOAL!!! like mad fucks

all in all here's something to write about, i'm bored as hell on sunday night but I still got work to do, since the campaigning 2moro is postponed.

also I need to work on my demoreel so I can use it for future freelancing, really man, I rather besitting inside than out here. goddamn man.

other than that I'm preparing my demoreel and refining most of my previous animation and artwork to send over to lifeway college and bruce osborne when he gets here XD

as usual I'm posting up some WIP of the main character in my blog

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