Saturday, July 3, 2010


1:29 am in the morning, i'm painting as usual to prepare some things for graduation exhibition, 1 painting and thinking of putting in the marine since it's one of the few cg character I have. I'm working on a piece of architecture, now idea why I'm into painting landscape and architecture work lately.
well some news came in telling me I has been replaced as cameraman for the viral campaign by MM department ppl who considers themselves pros in their job, oh well , you got no argument from me because I am not know you neither am I close to you as long as I can still do my job.
I think I rather focus on the final project and re do my demoreel so I can consider sending my my application maybe somewhere in august or september or maybe delay till december.
and wei, you toa fellas like students to show quantity of work to prove your producing alot of good graduates izzit? mcb, i rather show 1 or 2 peices rather than show my entire goddamn piece of work man, hasn't the industry taught even tatsun anything while runing his own fucking art college? mccb
said and done I'm returning to my painting zone

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