Friday, July 9, 2010


today was another busy day, photography shooting for our graduation book of pixels 78, minor fund raising work and back to my final project.
now further update on wats going on in my life here. we:re about 1 month away from finishing this final term and graduatin should be sometime in november or december, trying to complete the final project but seems the game plan has changed.
1. both jia yung and sheena desperate for their fucking grades to go UK and I:m forced to work my ass like shit, I reminded them that they are pushing the dateline too fast and skipping alot of important things and they remain ignorant. tell me is these how the cg line works? rushin work without any plan?
2. without any choice I:m testing a leg rigging tonight to see if things work out for just minor animation.
3. I maybe the only person left to finish the animation and get his head up his own arse to deal with technical issue in 3d animation line here. somehow I wished I foresaw this earlier
4. looks like i have to delay my demoreel again for the sake of their goddamn grades, I just wonder why the fuck they wanna rush? I:m not in any hurry myself, hope we pass this goddamn thing I:m scolding them both really good.

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