Thursday, July 15, 2010


it's 10 45 pm in the evening, here I am just installed the new scanner mom bought, correction, printer scanner that prints black and white, how convinient, now what about my old scanner? that I kept since 2000 something? can't remember but I plan to donate it to a orphanage where it serves it purpose to those children who could use it XD

I like charity relly, if no one likes old stuff then it could be given to the orphanage where the younger generation could learn to use these things and and then has a reason and they can benefit.

I shud relly consider donating what I don't need to charity, I at least know that others could use things as well. as for today I returned to the lab to do work because I can never do work at home, think of it as making small progress, I will post up wip of the main character shortly. in the meantime, Bon Odori is this saturday at 5pm, I will be going if I can uv unwrap in time.

sheena and jia yung are confirmed off to UK in september, I agreed to let go them, let's hope hooi ling will relly monitor and help me out while they both overseas while I'm still here. so while doing the animation blocking/animation, I can rework my walk cycle, personality walk and baseball pitch for my new demoreel.

despite the fact that I am not convinient with the idea you both are going UK but honestly speakign after spending 2 whole years studying with you both in dg I relly feel I will miss you both XD

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