Saturday, July 17, 2010


it's 4 05 am in the morning, and I just completed testing half the character rig of the arm and hands for andrea wan xiu ling(andrea's dream main character), lanjiao, this is my 1st rigging gig so spare me all the pro rigging comments kei? I know what the pro expectation is like.

missed bon odori yesterday when I tot some dude needed help with his work turns out he KO-ed after doign work whole day. but look at the good outcome, I did some small work and made small progress.

my exp so far with rookie character rigging
1. why the fuck can't I do any of that rigging on my laptop?? it just screws up everything while on my pc everything works like wonders! ma cau hai!
2. great not to forget the shit amount of time I got to put in for paint weight and blend shapes.
3. No one fucking compare me to Jonathan Chong you hear? I know he's a pro rigger, but you all still have no right!

gee I hope I learn something out of this

I really look forward to some time away from work on sunday because I been at toa the whole fucking week. In fact I relly need time away from work, it's been fucking me like in the head for awhile now and I relly feel sien staring at the goddamn screen now the time. probably spend some ice blended drinks at starbucks while sketching away on sunday XD.

thinking of getting the dvd for toy story 3 and just enjoy storytelling, and animation without having to think about it and work on it the whole damn fucking day! MUAHAHAHHA!!!!!!

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