Monday, July 26, 2010


27th July 6 54 am in the morning, I had breakfasta moment ago, and now I'm home typing this out while I make a few major plans. so here's another write list.
1. Lifeway College has responded by giving me a enrolment application form to their college, mom's said she has signed a contract with them so help send students there to study, I will be the 1st to go there and complete my studies specializing in character animation, this wll happen after my final and when my demoreel is ready.
2. KFC offered us to work at Codemasters, funny, i tot the expectation is so high that even no one can get it. screw it la, I plan to get my PR in new zealand 1st then I will contact KFC providing that I cannot find employment in new zealand or Ubisoft in singpore.
3. Starcraft 2 should be out today i stores if not maybe abit later, shud I get the game or not? I quit gaming since early this year.
4. I been relly tired last week and this week and damn slow but still making some progress, worked the finals and try my hardest to finish it before graduating.
5. 2 years studying at the one almost over, so I ask myself again, chien, since day 1 you arrived at the one, have you learned anything? after leaving big red eve if sometimes some of the lecturers and the pissed you off? the answer is yes, I did learn somethign here to be fair and square and most of all being honest to myself and them.
6. I plan maybe not to attend graduation night because I wanna focus on my demoreel right after that, so by January I can have demoreel sent of to lifeway college for assessment. now I'm in my middle 20's, ppl complain about being old but honestly, I dun feel old at all lol, until I reach 60 then I can say I feel old XD
nothing else to write about

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