Wednesday, July 28, 2010


the normal map render in maya, work in progress
lower mesh front 3/4 view
high res mesh in back 3/4 view
high res mesh front 3/4 view

it's 5 39 am in the morning, and I'm typing out this morning blog, alright straight simple ppint form wats going on.

1. it's 29th July, I planned to be done with some texturing work but it seems i'm abit stuck on that now.

2. i'm attending Pixar Masterclass aniamtion next tuesday and wednesday so this week wrapped up alot of work to make up for next week. plans for this weekend is to have the whole body texture completed other than the mouth and teeth.

3. this week I learned something new which the CG field has been teaching for very long time in games development and maybe CG animation pipeline, it's called "Normal/displacement mapping" for game characters or environments. late in 2007 I was asked by Cheng Fei in Igloo if I knew anything about sculpting and working in zbrush, I said I didn't know anything, early 2008 in big red, my 3d department head in Big Red Sdn Bhd introduced Z brush to me, and I simple scuplted without knowing what i was doing, 2009 July z brush was introduced to my class in dg 78, I never worked on it and have no knowledge, now currently 2010, I find myself working on it, scuplting and producing normal maps on it and making sure they can't function on my character in my animation. Well, I learned it kind of late but at least I know what I am doing now.

I never imagine myself only now doing digital scuplting, I guess only time and learning would tell me when I am ready to learn something. Now I just ask myself, do any dudes in TVC are aware of such things like dis or only games development? ask them yourself or it just prove that only m'sians involved in this field, well some of them are just way too cheap to get anything worthy.

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