Thursday, July 29, 2010


9 15 am in the morning, I was up since 10 am last night rushing some stuff for the final animation, until I got so dead bored working on it I decided to give myself a wee!!!! 3 hours break!! so here are next point from details, ya I damn lazy to write long essay blog.

1. head to the lab later and settle the last of the goddamn main character teeth and move unto to texturing the skin, try and settle it by tonight, probably pull all nighter till it's settled.

2. head to starbucks at night for some nice drinks, okeila, I cannot stand working on the damn week on the animation man, need some time off! but the only time off I get is when I'm not O2 jamming in front of my damn pc.

3. I re opened my walk cycle and created a new one, this is for my demoreel to lifeway college, I probably need a month for every animation I'm sending to them.

4. I need a nice holliday after this final, I wanna go on a trip to NZ wee!!!!!! yea so much for promising myself stuff when in the end I might not get it (sigh......)

5. che is returning soon and I wanna spend more time with family these few weeks,MORE FAMILY TIME!

end of blog

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