Tuesday, August 31, 2010


it's the 1st of september, and merdeka is way past, nothing special, but here are some updates.

1. 1st animation test for koi fish is completed, onwards to 2nd test. Still got a few more other stuff to refine and recreate my demoreel.

2. am visiting IDP today to get some small info on IELTS, bout damn time already, I forgot wat that stupid paper is like.

I just realised 1 thing, after so many years, not sure how to put it but I'm just goign to type this out like it's riddles.

"When other see you as stupid, you're becoming more adapt and getting better at making decisions, when other see themselves very capable of doing alot of things, they actually display horrible capability and lousy attitude, but you show who you really are, when others think damn highly of themself and they are doing a great job, in fact they have no idea what they are getting themselves into, we know the risk we are taking and are prepared. When others tell us we don't know what we are doing, they say we did the worse job ever, in fact we know ourselves like we know our hand and e are actually building our self confidence when others just jump into some hellhole", when others talk to us like they know the whole damn world, they hardly know where they actually been and are just freaking kiasu". When others say you hardly make a good friend, in fact they understand shit about friendship".

damn long line eh? well just a few more things I learned in life and will catch more

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