Wednesday, August 11, 2010


koi fish character rigging plus with all controllers added + IK handles

12 09 am, here I am satying up late night to blog on some new updates.

1. I attended the 2 day master class pixar seminar for pro's and students, paid RM 350 hoping it wasn't a waist, well yes and no, but I still learned something, met everyone I can remember from the industry to students. pixel post, beam animation, big red and a few others were there

2. staying up late to settle my character rigging for the fish character, pasted in here is my character rigging work in progress of the fish and the ctrls I design for it. it's not a good rig I know but it's what I can do from here, at the moment, doing the paint weight T___T

3. meeting kfc 2moro to do work at his studio, I just hope he will be at toa 2moro and if he does send me back to toa man

4. por's b'day coming up this saturday and I will bring doing photography for the family, it's considered my b'day present to my grandmother XD

5. jia yung, sheena, wat happened? why so long the silence? why has communication stopped??

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