Sunday, August 29, 2010


1 02 am, midnight and I'm typing out some crap here on any update

1. played starcraft 2 , pirated version , got my pc man to install the game for me lol, and finally finiahed it, I paid Rm 1358 for a new graphics card and upgraded my monitor to samsung HDMI 14" to 22".

the story meets up to it's name, it felt alive the cinematagraphy is indeed good, without thew use of much v tech. oi James Cameron, learn something from blizzard man you hear? you're like a punk amatuer relying too MUCH on CG technology.

I also liked the OST, Original game Score, well orchestrated to fit the story and the flow. they made it epic with just something simple.

if there's something that can be learned from Starcraft 2, well the storytelling wise , use of Cinematography and it's simplicity really give them effort, they still make it look epic on screen. For just neutral point of view, the game idea and story can sell XD

2. been working on my animation test lately for a fish, will make it into a short animation soon when i got my full set design and storyboard laid out now it's just a rough one.

3. Going to Singapore next friday for a 2 nights 3 day visit with Foo and yohan and veng soon XD

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