Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Koi Fish rig plus

Rigging Plus progress for Koi Koi with 1 body control and 2 more ctlrs to add

6 27 am in the morning, slept earlt again and woek up early again. and I can't believe I started my morning by just doing work, kanasai.

here's a pointy update.

1. Pixar master class seminar coming up next week on tuesday and wednesday, ponteng work!
2. exhibtion falls on 17th of August and end around 3/09/2010 according to our president
3. I might go back to the lab 2day for work, hey! maybe I won't
4. che is returning on the 7th of this month, look forward to fetching her, and no pls no house work this month now, I just vacummed the house only T___T
5. Hooi Ling, our CG supervisor appeared in Star News paper today XD

planing to take at least 3 weeks of after september to refresh my energy level, fucking hell, dun tell me a CG artist life is filled with and non stop running wheel even if there's excitement

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