Friday, September 10, 2010

Z Brush Central

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1 29 pm I just woke up after napng early in the morning, so here is some updates, mom went off for mah jong game again and I'm at home working on my demoreel and learning stuff again as usual so I can slowly improve my skills. I decided to list down a fews things which I believe can make learning stuff in my field of work abit easier even if it sounds typical.

1. I came upon this site created by pixologic, the creators of z brush who who made out an online classroom to teach the basics of how to use z brush for a newbies, that means me XP, the site link is at note that I only went through a few online videos and learned some of the basic controls and features, I have not fully covered every lesson by my guarantee is that it's easier than viewing youtube for me because the creators themselves are teaching how to use their own CG sculpting software.
2. reworking my walk cycle and hoping to finish the blocking plus soon, compiling all my animation work and digital artwork now, watever I have to be sent oner with my application, that includes submitting my IELTS form to IDP next week.
3. so wat else is new to me? no idea yet

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