Friday, October 8, 2010

another decision making

2 38 am and I did some positivr stuff this week.
other than blogging in this boring blog I kinda gave jonathan he email and link to frame motion studio, he's hoping to be ablew to get a job there, I think. other than that here are some lazy updates I can make.
I kept reading about artiles in m'sia and overseas, our ppl here, the economy in m'sia and overseas, market and blah blah the list goes on and on and on. I realised that all these years, I was working in the advertising field without any proper understanding and the ppl who some hired me had no plan at all for their own future, their mind is just like the typical chinemen, I hire you with low salary and wages, because all you want is a job and experience right?
now isn't that just lame? they felt they worked for a few years and they believe they are capable of management and leadership? I think any tom dic and harry who owns a big house, money from savings and a car can do that! plus their own capital and investments.
runing your own sdn bhd with few ppl or a Pvt Ltd in Singapore alone won't cut it, there's lots of factors that can affect a whole company, saying in cantonese "Cham - Lap" this week or today you jsut started the bussiness , next week you are packing up the bussiness. funny how bussiness just runs in m'sia right? I felt that experience b4 in beam animation sdn bhd, they weren't lame or anything, they had financial crisis to a pay their own ppl and software piracy problems with warnings from authorities.
but that's not the main point here, I worked in ATL in m'sia for just some years to understand their system even if I'm no pro or a researcher so far what I see is that either they all have a good work culture or they jsut don't have any at all which in the end as my supervisor in beam animation used to tell me, leads to high overturn rate in m'sia. It's really stupid that we have very small market here for advertising capability run by ppl who don't know to do the bussiness. The only thing in their minds is to just collect their money and everyone be happy, ya salary rules but not as the MAIN GOAL!
and we all thought for the past few years job and salary is just your security for your careerright? wrong perception ppl. I realised that in recent years, Codemasters, Poly Assets United and Rhytm and Hues approached m'sia and opened up their branch here, in m'sia recruiting m'sians and paying them a salary to produce work locally. You would probably think it's cool man! I wanna join them! but you would probably never ask, what the hell are they doing here in m'sia of all countries?! what's their purpose here and what made them pick m'sia? they gave us their reason, I heard R & H reason already which I think is fair enough, but mandeep, I do feel like asking you, how long do you think our low living cost here is going to last you guys? I doubt this country will be any different in her future but, someday, you are going to realise m'sia will start swalling what you own and give back nothing!
but I do respect the fact that international companies like R & H came with some reasons and intentions, other than they wish to own their own land and pay their rent here, they want to tap into m'sian creative strenghts and capabilities, gives us a test to see if we are open to learning and critism and train up our ppl to work with them, not make them work like machines in our 24/7 sdn bhd like pixel post, moon fx and play pictures plus VHQ post, have a life of your own! you know? after works hours go home to your family! yr girlfriend, yr friends! spend the weekends out with ppl be human, not sleep the whole night in the fuckking office on saturday night till sunday morning 9 am to finish off your tvc work and send your collague home, yr boss isn't worried about you that much, he wants the work done that's all! and you probably see the same pattern again next week, guess wat? haha you're 20 years old, soon to be 21 and you're doing OT like as if it's becoming very frequent? is this how some of the local sdn bhd wants their ppl to live and work?
you all who reads my blog frequently know what I'm talking about? this is was from my experience in local sdn bhd and not Pvt Ltd! my oppinion does everyone think it's worth it? half your young adult years spent like this? I would you to seriously reconsider yr plan if you said "yes" as for me, I would have said "what's your plan and offer?"
all this is making me consider to some international companies that have adopted smart plans and procedures that even convinced me they know what they are doing rather than they just know how to run a job as a typical boss. let me explain their process even if I'm not interested in them.
R & H for example; anyone interesed in them is required to apply for their company test and present their demo, also take a english placement test. 1) this would mean that they don't simply take anyone, they need to go through some basic screening, this is only basic and they need to test your understanding of english and I and guessing analytical skills to communicate.
the next part of their test eg which my classmates took is an animation test, all the animation principles you learned is part of the test, given a specific dateline to deliver and taking critism to improve. their final test I heard is directly in their office when they reach their final screening every branch leader I heard will decide if the candidate is suitable or not for the apprentice training, they would go through about 7 - 8 weeks trainign is what I heard.
wow talk about long but taking seriously consideration who is suitable 4 hire to work for R & H, and I honestly think this procedure is actually well fair for both sides. if you ask me if I'm ever itnerested in working at an international company that gave me a test, I would take it for cg character animation. wow I written stuff this long! haha

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