Sunday, October 24, 2010

m'sian retirement plans

this is one of those aritcles I read about percentage of ppl's around the world that are aware about retirement or make any future plans so they know when they can retire. there is the link:
in fact I also have wrote and planned my own retirement plan while I'm still below 50 years old and have always considered retirement plans and not early retirement. But there's one thing that always make me curious, why is it that makes ppl want to retire so early? and earning themself so much money only to know in the end it's still going to be eaten by the goverment! rite? your investments, tax, savings and current acct hell event fixed deposit I bet will go together.
in fact why do people retire? other than not physically able to contribute but carry with them experience, skills, capability and soft skill which is not easy to earn and learn, they become consultants and spare a huge amount of their past experience and skills that others take half their lifetime to learn. former prime minister Mahatir Mohammed can say is that example, he claims he's retired but I believe he's a consultant now to most of bumi putera's in m'sia, after all he did contribute his brain to this country despite some setbacks. Bill Gates from United States droppped out from Harvard University and created Microsoft Corp that is heavily loosing and competing with Apple Inc, he retired in late 60's but remains as consultant because he knows most pc user around the world his use his creation, Microsoft Windows.
Toshiba and Sony, both are electrical appliances that manufacture entertaiment stuff for public use, damn those fellas dun even need to worry about retirement like me, they dun even need to work! jsut sit by the swimming pool watch the money come in and enjoy life for the few years to come.
the m'sian goverment has got a long way to go and alot to learn, so do it's on people, I won't consider early retirement because I am not capabler of taking care of myself financially, and I need plans to I believe will work. One of my plans is to conduct study about the local and global economy, what people do, how people think and what's the current trend. Most of all one of my future considerations is conducting studies on International companies in CG in the asian and japanese market for possible future career.
that's all I have to say 8D

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Randize said...

Banks are not for saving. :)