Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a post about dyslexia

it's 7 50 pm and I have not did any blogging in awhile lately, so tot I would put a up a blog on an article I read online lately. Whether it is true or not I think it's really a hightlighted matter around the world including malaysia that we have ppl or students in malaysia with learning disabilities that our country takes for granted. writing in support of this online article
it came to my attention because I know that I also had a learning disability when I was still younger, not even being able to explain how. But I also said this because I blame the matter on ministry on education for failing to take matters like this seriously and fail to give special care to such ppl and choose ot ignore them or label them as illiterate.
I also have 1 plan in the future that I can contribute to helping ppl with dylexia, to show them there is hope for them, that they aren't alone

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