Saturday, November 13, 2010

another culture in malaysia

alright, we heard some of the local new in Malaysia talking about goverment, slander, racism, religious crap, murder crime and so on, but this is disappointing to most family sins. and it's always the money lending part, he worse when it comes to loan sharks and bad part is letting their parents down or hurting them.

this video talks about "ah longs" and the poeple who loaned money from then either for pleasure in life or to enjoy life, but without consious that their family are the ones that pay the price, I have to say it's relly disappointing when yr children just disappoint you like that in 1 shot after years you spend teaching them, keeping them alive, paying for the education and putting food on the table when they are hungry, giving them medical treatment when they are sick, giving the loving care as a parent, and their children show this kind of responsiblity?

it's really sad, the odds of 2 malaysians age 24 years old. now that makes me wonder, do these people ever care about their friends? family? relatives and even their own lives? I know about my own past mistakes but this really would tick me off if I am a parent.

I just wish that in the future the younger generation would have better sense of life and learn to appreciate their parents abit more than just making this kind of stupid decisions.

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