Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the Apple invasion

the Ipad invasion, previously was Iphone

2 56 am, i'm awake and writing this shitz again, but there have been something new lately, and that is on going trend in malaysia, other than young people and sometimes 30 something year old people facebooking in places like starbucks, coffee bean or anywhere(my god we malaysians really got nothing better to do, seriously, I bet anything new come out sure malaysian buy it) that has Wifi, you know what? no wonder most malaysians cannot get their work done on time and are considered slow.

2nd thing I noticed is the Ipad invasion in malaysia, especially in Selangor, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and KL area, they been selling it at first now they plan to sell alot of it in malaysia, lanjiao wei! so we are malaysians that buy stuff that are cool and expensive for show and probably are more trendy than anyone else, ma hai, kiasu wei!

okei, say that the Ipad has got Wireless internet access, say that it is like PDA, the portable version that is like the size of a women's handbag and that it's like your digital organizer, but it's not going to function like a multimedia gadget to us all, the cost leh? range 1579 - 2599 MYR but I suppose if you are taylor's, or rich man son or daughter you will buy it even if you dun nid it.

next off is some interesting stuff, i have an offer from Lifeway College, I'm reallyu hoping to get there by febuary if my mother isn't purposely delaying my studies! i'm majoring digital character animation and conceptual rendering, in the near future, I hope that after studies, I would be able to compile my student demoreel and get offer for internship in new zealand work there and learn their skills.

then tin time I will decide if I evern want to return to m'sia, but 1st thing is get my ass over there!

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