Tuesday, November 16, 2010

either wtf occasion or historical moment

here I am, 10 43 am in the morning, tying out this shitz when I shud be doing my freelance job to chase the dateline until I decided to read some online artice from rage, seem like a sister site to staronlien that covers others side news, whaty caught my attention was that for no apparent reson there was a highlight for "The Facebook Movie" I was like wtf? you can't be serious? we all know it's very big and popular, we know its famous among US citizens, asia and malaysian. probably a big leapt for social networking industry and the web but, I dunno how to say la, I guess it's fair to put in history of men that if something lidat has strong attention it can have the right to get publicity?

anyway here the link http://rage.com.my/writeups/story.asp?file=/2010/11/17/rage_events/20101116170333&sec=rage_events

anyway, I need to get back to my job now else I will be late


Randize said...

David Fincher is a great director tho, worth checking it out haha. hmm.. I heard about this a lot, not so sure what they can write about FB. Interesting.

btw, can you enable anonymous commenting, or any convenient way to post comment? I need to type my password and word verification every time I need to post comment here. Cos I'd like to post more actually. :)

cytham said...

yups, I been trying to add a shout mix chat into my blog, but er, you know me leh, I relly not that pro with html stuff, if you can teach me how to add the code to my blog haha then maybe can put 1 in 8D