Monday, November 22, 2010

lifeway college

it's monday, I just met Craig Hanson today, who's the principal of lifeway college, nice person we spoke like normal ppl, I got to now more about lifeway college work, best part is we get to know each other.

but I look forward to learning something over there, and I really look forward to getting feedback that can tell me I really should learn properly, the kind of feedback that tell me not to shiok sendiri, go and explore, forget the rulez and try it out 8D

he's first message to me was "At lifeway, you learn to work in a group, learn to work together, learn and teach each other" that sounds really amazing to me.

I was introduced to the Bachelor of Digital Media course, which covers really in depth stuff about CG projects in industry, and the outlines of the syllabus, wow, I think it really describe how much new zealand filmakers and Weta Digital have go through to write this syllabus out and introduce to Lifeway College.

it's really alot of stuff man when I read the brochure and subjects outline, covering areas of Stereoscopic, VFX CG in Live action(match moving, camera tracking and intergrating cg into live action, green and blue screen matte)and game content development, stuff that is abit hard for me to learn but need time to catch up.

the major I am choosing is the diploma in advanced 3d animation which cover character animation, full scale character rigging(argh!), storytelling, cinematography with some minor compositing work. jesus, honestly man, if I read that syllabus on bachelor of digital media again 1+3 years, I feel like as if I'm already at weta doing all that kind of work.

other than that I hope that my application can make it through and I can really get into lifeway college to make it for the febuary intake

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