Thursday, November 18, 2010

surprising industry news

hey I'm not sure if is just me or wat but, during the past couple of days, life have been very slow and that there were thing that really got on my nerves for the past couple of times, but this time I noticed a slight changed in malaysia that got my attention. it was really unexpected.

very recent only I noticed every goddamn MSC status company I knew before or know that, has been posting repeated jobs on their company website as well as job recruitment sites, even the interional company plus local companies, local non major companies of course, mostly in the cg art industry are on hardcore recruiment, it's the 1st time I ever seen such a thing happening, it's not common to see a post about recruitment but, it's not very common to see them all going on full scale and frequent recruitment postings.

I never seen anything like this before, from Rhytm and Hues, to Frame Motion Studio, to Poly Assets, to Shock 3D, to Silver Ant(maybe), Intelture, Igloo, Les Copaque minus the advertising line, it's make them seem like they is hardly anyone working for them at all? has the creative field/cg industry here really less on people? has the pool suddenly gone dry? I didn't believe that there is either anyone at all.

just how desperate are they at this moment? there was a time when they just can't give nuts about their manpower, well I know codemasters can't really care less now, they take care of their own, does Malaysia take care of her own people? I remember there was a time when even the industry ppl wanted me out, they wanted to keep me out, they in fact wanted me as far away as I can be, and now they are sending out this message like their life depends on it.

is our nieghbour singapore stealing away our brains by offering them a much higher salary? it's like a silent emergency going on in malaysia at the moment at they seem to panick like they wish someone will fill that empty cup.

ps: randy, you seems ot have learned something about CSS rite? can teach me how to add the shoutmix to my blog?

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Randize said...

It's not entirely bad, I think some companies always scout for talents, hence the repeated job recruitment posts. Good news for people who really deserve the place, they will always have a place.

Look me up on msn, I see what I can do to help you. :)