Thursday, November 4, 2010

what happened to me?

hello there, it's 2 08 am at night, and here I am typing after some long spell not typing, 1st and foremost, it's shitting hot tonight, damn it, mother nature could not have picked a better night to heat ppl up. 2 comic fiesta in december and it's ticket is cost about myr 15 worth it, going to see if I can get friends, my sister and a date to go along with me 8D

can't attend the next animation talk because it's too EXPENSIVE for me to go. but the good news is I managed to send my application to lifeway college in new zealand, complete my student demoreel and doing something of mine own plus some freelance work. Anyway is been awhile and I'm going to post up some shit here.

I got into a classical mood and decided to try something many young artist never relly try and that's old record player, i seen alot of guns, firearm, vehicles and maybe kickass stuff but not much classical things, so i tot I would try and being artistic about this go for the challenge, it's was worth it 8D, I had some refference here, ad then made my own version of a record player.

graduation night will be on 7th november, 2nd time I bloody graduated, just going there for the sake of meeting everyone chit chat and makan 8D

front and 3/4 view

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