Friday, November 5, 2010

what now?

another post the next day to hightlight something else, some article which I read online and maybe something else to talk about. hm this is the available link :

is this for real, of is the goverment trying to make another mock up story to relief m'sians of our suck ass economy? because from what's happening I seen in the market so far is only attracting inflation, the cause and effect of overspending that causes prices to rise excluding local purchase of any foreign brand like we ada any local brand worth buying. our own people so far young or old mostly young are attractive to overseas brand names like ibook, iphone and blackberrt I starting to see alot of it in selangor mostly. buying alot of these surprisingly apple branch is not increasing their price buy makes our local economy look bad! we only know how to purchase and not have good use for it.

so sad man, I bought my asus laptop 2 years ago because I needed a mobile computer to do work and I use it almost everytime to do work, go online and even listen to music, I own an ipod shuffle so that i dun have to carry heavy stuff on my to listen tq music, use it everyday haha buy it once use it for life I just need to take care of it

the link in the charts have stated their we're topped singapore? lol I'm only half convinced becuase I been to SG twice di gua, I seen that they actually possess no natural resources so they have been making due end with it for years, which means they are forced to spend every sg dollar they make, like my high school friend told me, in sg everything is about money. saying we topped sg in financial balance and are behind US and UK, blugh like any of that is true!

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