Tuesday, December 21, 2010

early preparation

The Legend of Rikimaru or Ninja Scroll, random name for now

some random doodle I make, not sure where this go
A Robot Story, generated when I was at Penang
it's 5 pm and I'm at home patiently waiting for my stupid medical result to call me so I can go and process the stupid student visa and close some bank accounts. while waiting I had produced some rough silhouttes and wrote a simple outline for my final project that I will work in lifeway college, since I had idea in my head I was thinking why don't I put down to digital art rather than waist it.

the artworks above are some random ideas I though out to develop the final project, I'm developing their storyboard now so I can post them later for sharing, hopefully I can produce a short animation piece with a simple storyline that can appeal to anyone.
I had previously attended an interview with Intelture technology previously for fun, bring along my student demoreel with me, it's been nearly 1 and half years since I worked fulltime in industry and had job interview, most of all I only went there to test my student demoreel in for job market, I never expected to get any offer, amazing after nearly 3 weeks they call me up and email me a job offer as junior 3d animator, I wasn't even asking for it.
I'm going to further my studies anyway at Lifeway College in Character Animation and by that time I also have something planned that will allow me to have a job as CG character animation in the future, I can then plan again my life ahead and hopefully have a gf by then lol! for now I need more patience and some more practise so I am going to enter my next journey at new zealand.

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