Friday, December 17, 2010

lip sync exercise and lifeway college

it's now 10 pm in the evening, and I got some news to mention, 1st is I fuly receive confirmed of my offer of place at lifeway college, starting febuary 2nd, I need to settle my student visa after my medical report comes out, the last is my flight ticket.

offer of place

next is I'm working a side project for lip sync just to learn more about acting and understands about more of my project. I have gotten my side project idea from the 2001 movie black hawk down, in a situation where sergeant everstmann and his rangers was pinned down by snipers, RPG and gunners at a crash site at Mogadishu on september 1993, in the raid. I done a small storyboard showing my impression of how it looks like in understanding.

after that I am working on a roughs storyboard idea I have planned for my final student project at lifeway college, still in rough drawing and storyboard panel and I will upload into here as soon as I have idea's fully drawn out for sharing. 2moro I will be attending comic fiesta 2010 with my younger sister since it will be my last time in m'sia.

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