Saturday, December 11, 2010

SS17 family

it's 5 30 pm and i'mt yping out something that brings me back to old memories, it was my reunion with SS17 friends, something which really brough some light into my life.

it's been 9 years since 2001, meeting friends and ms yogeetha was indeed a very amazing and memorable feeling, we were at chilles and today look at us, we're all 26, except for ms yogeetha lol! I met back with friends who were about my age and it feels good to talk to everone again.

it's just too bad I didn't bring my d slr with me, I took with my camera phone and will post up the ugle fine pictures much later lol.

anyway here's some philosophy im going to write down after staying alive for 26 years and learning something from the day I was born till now, more to come

1. Life is about learning, falling apart and picking myself up again.
2. Life is worth living for
3. Life is not worth giving up on
4. Life is worth learning about because the wold changes with time, so do we
5. Life is worth fighting for when there's is something we just are fighting for it
6. Life is just too short, you never know whats happens next, so live it without any regrets, ther may be rights and wrongs, but you know what you did and you are not going to waist it because you have nothing to lose 8D.
7. Life can lead you somewhere, just follow your instincts.

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