Thursday, December 2, 2010

turning point in industry

9 17 pm, and i'm typing out some serious shitz here, for the 2nd time! a few time back I written what was on my thoughts and my oppinion about what was happening locally and I tot it as just another piece of news now I feel it's really getting my attention at a serious level.
previously I noticed major companies, international and local company were posting like crazy on recruitment sites to recruit ppl to work for them, this mass recruitment I had tot it was just a joke at 1st, but now I realy cannot help thinking it's something major, that they are serious, they are really on mass recruitment and it's really surprised because I never see them post these frequent at the same time and any demands at all.
it does seem like major panick to me because unless they post at diff times it shows how flexible they are to hire but this time they all comes at once? it's so damn obvious now.

i hope that they get what they want

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