Wednesday, January 26, 2011

animation practise

3 50 pm, now my last few day in KL before I fly off to new zealand, some of my classmates and seniors are further studies overseas and some are excited to start work, while i'm still waitingto go, I make us of my time do some animation practise, it's some piece of work I tot about when I was looking through online animation forum sponsor by animation mentor, so I will apply some of them in my personal exercise.

i'm practising in weight and balance, time and spacing. the sketch below is my planning stage on how it can look like.

below is the blocking I did for the animation, along is norman rig for the practise, this is just my blocking stage so there still got time for refinements

pretty soon I going tp upload 2 more storyboards after making refinements the storyline, for now, just keep trying and learning. this saturday will yumcha with 1 one of my juniors, maybe only potential future partner lol

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