Tuesday, January 18, 2011

feng zhu's sharing

it's 10 37 am in the morning here and I just messing arnd again doing nothing XD. okei not really nothing but just read some stuff from feng zhu, wish he is teaching in m'sia instead of singapore.

I saw he's videos about photoshop and wacom basics sharing, he explains about workflow and customizing brush settings and system specs to your feel, not often you hear about this. So I decided to give it a go later to recustomize my own brush settings, color pallete and my work layout.

this is he's sharing video

photoshop and wacom basics part 1

photoshop and wacom basics part 2

I knew abt customizing my own color pallete right after I start texturing my characters in 3D, just that I never apply often, but now I decided to customize it more.

anyway, I'm posting up my storyboard ideas for my final at lifeway college, it's early preparation, whether the idea get accepted or not(i'm damn sure nothing will rejected) I still have a folio for myself, haha!oi my high school friends from law, eat shit man!

This is the storyboard for the legend of Rikimaru, detailed version

the sketches are rough out therefore makes it easy for editing later, in case there are parts I'm not happy with yet I can still refine the storyboard further without loosing the structure of each act. For now that's 1 storyboard to share, I will have 2 more storyboards to post up soon

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