Wednesday, January 12, 2011

something interesting

environment cg for Under Siege

Character CG for Undersiege

character cg for undersiege, this would be the main character

7 02 am, some new updates ; - reformatted me laptop and reinstalled basic software to get things up and running, will add more soon. one of my seniors seems to recovering pretty well, better than me I think, I had to do things the bloody hard way 9 months after all that I fell the attachment is dead, I feel that probably 1 year later, I will forget everything and I probably won't remember anything after whihc is good for me, I wish to find my next opportunity in life oso, for now, polishing my learning ability and further training is important, if I ever return to m'sia, I can execute some basic plans.

for now I got something to share, spotted it online in cgtalk, a simple short animation with a simgple but good render output, maybe I can refference it as a a style for my final. so this is the biref Axis Animation has completed a beautiful trailer for Under Siege, a new real-time strategy game from Seed Studios, which will be available exclusively on PlayStation Network.

Under Siege from axisanimation on Vimeo.

last but not least, I wish to say that to anyone who won't be in selangor, I will still communicate with you al in your blog yes, not facebook because it really distracting me when I did work. hopefulyl we get to meet when I return to m'sia.

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