Friday, February 18, 2011

Lifeway College

11:03 pm now, i'm at lab typing this shitz thing out when I shud doing work, but I tried and hungry, wanna make food eat later. Anyway, mom and che coming by 2moro and I wanan spend a half the day with them and makan, mummy leaving 2moro T____T

dun leave me! but I must grow up, I wanan disscuss with them both 2moro I wanan convert my license to nz driving license, no car yet never mind at least can drive car if need to go somewhere. I am here already 2 weeks and doing my project of character modeling, modeling character for 2nd time, did quite shitty but trying my best, ugh stupid character topology.

I will try my best to finish everything of the body by sunway and finish the clothes next week so I can move unto texturing. I got take pictures also when i at snells beach so later I can upload at here, I hope that someday I ask jun kor to teach me driving here before I go and take my test XP.

I wanan break for 1 hour before I continue do working.

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