Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lifeway College

9 12 am here at lifeway college, class started and I'm waisiting time blogging because I bo mood to do work, sad rite? someone must relly kick my ass to rush work. I work up late, around 8 am and rush to wash my face but learned that the canteen no more food for breakfast, was I late or is just me?!

I amaze I goddamn woke up early! next time I dun want to wake up for breakfast anymore I just prepare my own breakfast! mccb!

it's nearly 1 month in snells beach new zealand now, I am still alive, surviving and still trying to survive, I miss my family, my friends, I miss screwing with many things at home, I dun miss home, i dun miss the goverment. I got submission for my project this friday so I will rush like hell this week.

anyway, valentines is over, and march is coming, I need to plan and see if I can go down to auckland, I have photos to my snells beach album here at facebook

damn I'm fukking tired, its going to be a fukked up week for me here until i finished my shinobi.

anyway here is my pattern
8 30 am : breakfast
9 am : class start
10 am : break
12 30 pm : lunch
1 30 pm : continue class
3 30p pm : class end
5 30 pm : dinner time
6 00 pm? : continue my work, since I stuck on campus and can go out that much, I paint, draw walk around and sigh.... do my work, I relly need to leave the campus someday

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