Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cafe Food

Had eat outside of lifeway campus for 1st time heheh, fish and chips cost me nz 25 dollars! F@ukking expensive! I ordered apple juice cost extra 28 nzd, well good thing I eating only once at there. I took photo of my food also but pointless upload to here.

now it's 10 19 pm and I'm at lab typing this shitz blog out while doing my animation!!! I shud be resting, maybe tonight I sleep at 12 am, after I did abit more.

nxt week I plan to check with IRD with the main office and then probably join Tung, isaac and anyone else for searching the apartment. I plan check my account every of every month to see how much I spend on food, important things and not so important things. I hope will survive this whole year at lifeway campus.

other than that I am fine. Maybe I play black ops later, damn sien di hahaha

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