Wednesday, March 16, 2011


it's 9 34 pm now, i'm at animation lab started doing my assessment work, planned work layout for 1st day, nothing further than that. talking to my friends and classmates, sigh.

but now I got to say something, is relly bothering me di, I read the star online dere, talking abt the earthquake at japan and the nuclear meltdown that effect their nation, is relly sad news, I feel bad for them because is worse time of the year for them in many years, many japanese ppl died and not many other neighbour country but m'sia offer them help. Stupid China, you F@ckking communists! go help them! South Korea! you are so close go offer them any help you can even if you dun have any money to give!

I seen the pictures, is relly sad.

something else also bother me, feel abit stupid post like dis but must get out of my mind, i stayed here for more than month di and actually feel like shit now, I left home, family friends, cousins, nephews, niece, even the girl I wanted to be my gf to study here, so far from home expensive international student fee, and plane ticket and risky choice, cannot make mistake to fail here.

arrgh, feel homesick but now feel even worse! now I got the feeling, what am I thinking?! I left home and come all the way down here and doing this? even if I have friends arond me from south east asia but I still feel damn alone here, I shud never have look at the photo of everyone from KL, it made the feeling worse! argh! is damn torture!

everyday when I wake up, it's new zealand, not subang jaya, not home, it's other side of the world! even with some m'sian arnd I still feel alone here. I wanna go to che during holliday! I want to go to family so bad. T____T

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Randize said...

Cheer man. As what we have heard, nothing's sweeter than home. No matter how corrupt our politics are, haha kinda ironic to put it that way.

But hangin there, like you said failing is not an option! I hope my pressure is giving you some help. :)